Instructor Management Screen

Instructor Management Screen

The Instructor Management Screen displays a list of all instructors maintained in the database. Links are provided to modify or add a new instructor.

The following information is provided:

         Instructor Display Area – displays a list of all instructors available in the database. Selecting a column link will sort the display by that link. The following fields are displayed:

o        ID – shows the ID of all available instructors. Provides a link to modify the instructor information.

o        First Name – shows the instructor's first name.

o        Last Name – shows the instructor's last name.

o        Hourly Cost – the cost per hour of the instructor.

o        Current Email – the instructor's email address.

o        Description – the description of the instructor (usually the FAA ratings held).

         Add Instructor Link – brings up a screen so that a new instructor can be added to the database.

Note: If aircraft checkout and checkin features are enabled, the Add Instructor link is not shown. Adding an instructor is accomplished using the Modify User or the Add New User screens.

         Modify Link – select the ID link to modify the instructor information.

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