New Squawk Screen

New Squawk Screen

The New Squawk Screen allows the user to enter any new problems encountered for the aircraft during a flight. The following information is shown:

·         Description – type a description of the problem encountered. Try to be as descriptive as possible so that the mechanics can understand and correct the problem.

·         Aircraft is Grounded – select this box if the problem is serious enough to ground the aircraft.

·         Aircraft is Not Grounded – select this box if the problem is not serious enough to ground the aircraft.

·         Submit Button – select the Submit button to save the squawk after all entries are made for this screen.

·         Cancel Button – select the Cancel button to return to the previous screen and cancel any entries on this screen (the squawk is not saved).

Note: A maintenance form is generated from the squawk information entered along with the entering pilot’s name, address and phone number so that the mechanic may contact the pilot if more information is needed to repair the problem.

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