Currency Information

Currency Information

The Currency Information Fields of the Add New User and Modify Existing User screens allows the currency fields to be updated for the selected user. The following fields are provided for controlling the currency rules:

The currency fields displayed below the Pilot Type are determined by the Pilot Type picked. The fields and how they apply for each pilot type is discussed in Currency Rules.

Note: The 1ST Medical is treated as a 2ND Medical after the expiration date. The 2ND Medical is treated as a 3RD Medical after the expiration date.

Note: The Check Currency Button saves all changes before displaying the currency information.

The dates entered in the Currency Information fields are the issue dates (with the exception of the Date Medical Expires field for Special Medicals) for the particular item, the program will apply the currency rules to determine the expiration dates for the different rules. For example, a student pilot has a Class III medical issued on March 5, 2000 and a birth date of May 16, 1980. The Date Medical Issued is set to March 5, 2000, the Medical Type is 3RD Medical and the Birth Date field is set to May 16, 1980. The program will look in the database for the medical rule for a student pilot and will determine that the medical is required for solo flight, the student pilot was less than 40 years old when the medical was issued, so the expiration date of the medical will be March 31, 2003.

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