Runway Closure: 7 April – 23 April

As most of you know the runway here on Redstone will be closed from 7 April – 23 April for lighting repairs. During this timeframe the Flying Activity aircraft will be relocated to Huntsville International Airport (HSV). We will be moving the aircraft to HSV beginning Saturday morning at approximately 0930. The first aircraft to be moved will be the ones that are not currently scheduled during the morning hours.

If you are the first person scheduled on the aircraft on Saturday you will depart from Redstone but you will land the aircraft at HSV. You will need to call Telton at the hangar and he will come to pick you up and bring you back to Redstone. The hangar # is 256-876-6952 and if you are not able to reach him at that number then try his cell 256-653-0840.

For those that are on a RON, I hope you read this email as you will need to land the aircraft at HSV upon your arrival back in Huntsville.

The flyaway books will be left in the aircraft. Keys will be left with the desk at Signature Flight Support. Flight plans will be left with the desk personnel and when recording fuel usages, if it is purchased from Huntsville International, list it as local fuel and not cross country fuel.

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