Flight Currency

Flight Currency

The Flight Currency area of the Aircraft Check-out Screen or the Member Currency Screen shows the current flight status of the pilot that is checking out the aircraft or checking for currency. The following information is shown:

         Flight Experience – Displays the flight experience for a time specified for the type of pilot:

o        Student – last 60 days flight time

o        Private Under 200 hours – last 60 days flight time

o        Private Over 200 hours – last 90 days flight time

o        Instrument Rated Pilot – last 6 months flight time

o        CFI – last 6 months flight time

         Expiration dates for the flight rules that apply to the pilot type.

Note: The Expiration Dates vary according to the type of pilot you are and the currency rules defined for the site. The expiration dates shown in the example above may vary. For a list of the currency rules, see Currency Rules.

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