Airfield Construction Update

Ye Ha! Effective 25 January 2012, Taxiway Alpha is open. At this time we are gathering pilots to bring our aircraft back to Redstone and hoping to beat the weather that’s coming our way. There will be some restrictions and we will be closed for a day or two in the near future but it beats being somewhere else and spending extra funds for higher gas prices, hangar fees and so on, that we don’t have. These last three months have cost us a lot and it will be hard to recover financially.

This is just an excerpt of the Redstone Army Airfield Aviation Procedures Guide that is in effect immediately. This document will be kept in the Flight Planning area and I encourage all to read it before flying as we do not need any mistakes.

4 a. Flying Activity aircraft will not use Taxiway Alpha and taxi across the towway when construction is in progress within 150 feet of the edge of the taxiway. The Airfield Manager will coordinate construction and taxiway closure with the Flying Activity manager.

Instrument Ground School

We are currnetly taking names for those that are interested in taking the Instrument Ground School. A date has not been set as we need to know if we have enough interest to even have one. So, if you are interested, please call Mildred 256-880-9495, so that we may put your name on the list. Once we have enough persons signed up then we will contact you and let you know when the class will start.

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